Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

More and more western billionaires give the most part of their assets in favor of the society. In Ukraine, apart from cases of direct help for treatment, we have no real philanthropy. In charity we can trace an accurate binding to territories, or spheres of their concrete influence.

Semi-criminal rules of doing business create the same culture of charity. Projects financed in such a way should to be necessarily profitable. They are mainly viewed by Ukrainian patrons as whitening of their own image, or “admission” to the European business.

The majority of Ukrainian “investors” registered in the EU regularly fills up local European budgets and doesn’t violate laws. Therefore, their activity doesn’t disturb Europe. On the contrary, the availability of elite real estate there becomes an indispensable condition for the legitimization and recognition of Ukrainian oligarchs in Europe. And the luxurious way of life is the admission to the elite “business club of the EU”.

Where is the truth, and where is cynicism? In such a way Europe acts as the criterion of double standards. Is it possible to consider money from Europe, directed by Ukrainian oligarchs on charity, clean? If so, tell me the address where to send offers?

As for today, we are fixing the lowest indicator of support of Ukraine entering the EU by citizens. The amount of such supporters is only one third of the population. Recently there were about 50%.


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  1. Dear friends,
    in French they say charity begins with us even
    I think that being humanitarian needs respect, consideration, equality in relationships and not charity
    if you want to be a need for human solidarity and as it is very well
    I wish you a nice day

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