Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

During the last German-Polish intergovernmental consultations the parties have discussed the state of affairs in the countries which are the part of the “Eastern Partnership” program. The meeting has testified that the German chancellor A.Merkel and the prime-minister of Poland D.Tusk estimate internal political processes in Ukraine differently. Especially, when it comes to the democratic character of the parliamentary elections and prospects of the European integration.

In her estimations Mrs. Merkel was categorical – as for today there no preconditions for signing of the Association Agreement. The reasons of such position haven’t been named. Her previous sharp statements about the procedure of the elections remain in force. German pedantry and consistency have played their role.

The prime-minister of Poland was less categorical. Having immersed into the atmosphere of good neighborhood, D.Tusk has even outlined the time frameworks of signing of the Association Agreement. The following Rubicon for Ukraine is November, 2013.

Poland continues to present its services in the EU for intermediation in negotiations with Ukraine. Thus, it isn’t the spokesman of interests of Germany in estimations of the Ukrainian parliamentary elections. D.Tusk’s caution is understandable. Mutual relations with the basic donor of the EU are primary. Although, the EU can always make Poland guilty for the failure of Ukraine’s participation in the “Eastern Partnership”.

“Eastern Partnership” unfortunately is getting more and more signs of the unrealized dream of Poland. Having the mutual border with Ukraine, it risks to become the hostage of introduction of the dialogue with the existing Ukrainian authorities. It seems that the EU in the face of Germany starts to use both countries in its own geopolitical games. Probably, Poland has received a mandate to become the main intermediary between the EU and the present President of Ukraine till the end of his powers not only from the US, but from Germany as well. We’ll see how effective these puzzles will be.


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