Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

For Whom Europe is Silent?

Ukrainian officials have constantly underlined deep awareness of international observers in subtleties of the Ukrainian electoral legislation. The latter have returned thanks in the same way. A new quantitative record has been set – almost 4 thousand observers observed, ascertained and recognized that elections were democratic. As of 20:00 on October 28 the peak of non-interference into the internal processes of Ukraine has taken place. Voting stations have closed – elections for the international observers have ended. And everything has only started for the participants of the electoral process. Also proceeds till now.

The assessment of elections by Russian observers was expected and clear. Supporters of introduction of the Russian model of “managed democracy” in Ukraine noticed that they took place and passed transparently.

The chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok called these elections the worst ones since 2004. He underlined that the EU strives for the right of Ukrainians to democracy and the rule of law in the state.

In Ukraine-EU relations there really exists a problem of the channel of communication. Pro-ruling mass-media depict the position of Europe on the elections in Ukraine perversely. European observers and politicians have “actively” joined the distortion of information. They have drifted apart in their assessments of the elections, but they don’t put the legitimacy of the elected parliament into question.

It is possible to ascertain: the Ukrainian authorities have passed an examination not only on the electoral legislation, but also on the manipulation of the political process on the whole perfectly well. It’s time to receive awards. And for the EU countries to sign the Association Agreement?


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