Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

Representatives of the European Union have informed that the Ukraine-EU summit is postponed till the next year. It is connected with expectations of results of the future parliamentary elections in Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has reacted right away – naming the beginning of 2013 the date of the summit. It has separately been highlighted that Europeans will have Christmas vacations in the foreground.

The European Commission which has shown “awareness” in the legislation of Ukraine hasn’t stood aside as well. Its representatives have connected the date of conduction of the summit with the change of structure of the government after the elections. However, the Constitution of Ukraine doesn’t foresee its obligatory change after the conduction of the parliamentary elections. Probably, official Europe has confused parliamentary elections with presidential elections!

We have two versions:

Either European leaders have some other vision of the date of conduction of the presidential elections in Ukraine (apart from 2015 according to the Constitution of Ukraine).

Or “Christmas vacations” in the EU will still continue till 2015 – due to the bankruptcy of the current and absence of any other new public strategy.


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