Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

The Ukrainian opposition has declared it is going to sue the President of Ukraine V.Yanukovych for misappropriation of additional powers. Oppositional politicians have pointed out the start of collecting Ukrainian citizens’ signatures for the lawsuit against the President of Ukraine. In such a way oppositionists have begun an anti-presidential interactive political game with voters. It doesn’t mean actions of opposition are wrong. It’s true that V.Yanukovych’s administration is inefficient. But this offer amid the absence of constructive strategy for the Ukrainian society again smells of populism.

Oppositionists hope for impeachment procedure after they win parliamentary elections on October 28. But by playing political games, the opposition weakens itself, because voters are losing faith in the possibility of changing the political and economic situation in the country. Ukrainian citizens aren’t offered alternative economic and social platforms or strategies with lists of consecutive reforms; they aren’t offered plans of restructuring the society and the country in times of crisis in the world.

Instead, the opposition offers the game “win a lawsuit against the president” with the result programmed for failure. The Ukrainian legislation which has no detailed mechanism of impeachment practically protects the President of Ukraine from such procedure. The authorities are wonderfully informed about it; therefore, there won’t be any rigid counteraction to the initiative of the opposition. But then it is not clear whose scenario is used by the opposition.




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