Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

Already since the USSR times the BBC news agency was the guarantor of trustworthy information and almost a truth icon. But time runs “… and this passes off…”. An example of changes is a documentary film in the “Panorama” program concerning widespread racism and anti-Semitism in the countries-organizers of the Euro-2012. BBC has created accents and resorted to a manipulative scenario. And this was aimed for the European and Ukrainian audience. Self-advertisement based on scandals probably for the sake of solving its financial problems has apparently become a part of BBC’s reputation.

BBC becomes more and more dependent on financing. This is especially acute after the year of 2010, when the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Britain limited its funding. But Great Britain citizens continue to pay for its activity.

How justified and legitimate is the use of citizens’ means by BBC for fantasies on a racist issue, in particular, in Ukraine? Maybe, the program release will raise a set of questions before the House of Commons and become a subject of a parliamentary investigation? And what should fans of the English national football team do; those who didn’t go to Ukraine and couldn’t support their national team at the championship? And football players experienced some hard moments as well.

I’d like to remind that the activity of BBC is determined by the Charter. One of the main values designated in it is: “Trust is the foundation of the BBC; we are independent, impartial and honest “…

During the last couple months western mass-media have been conducting a real “cold” informational war against Ukraine. And if the constructive criticism of the authorities is perceived positively by the society, the accusations of intolerance presented to Ukrainians are simply shameful! When this process is joined by the “impartial” and “honest” BBC, there arise suspicions that the company is inclined to the practice of paid-up materials.

We’ll be tolerant. We won’t appeal to boycott BBC and advertise ourselves on this topic. This is not what we aim for.

Today, it is clear that the Euro-2012 has defined not only winners, but also outsiders. It is BBC. In chase for sensations it “grows more and more yellow”.


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