Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

Association of Y.Tymoshenko’s “Batkivshchyna” and A.Yatsenyuk’s “Front for change” parties on the eve of parliamentary elections hasn’t added popularity to them in the Ukrainian society. Before the tandem announcement, various sociological polls gave “Batkivshchyna” 18-21% of support of population, and “Front for change” – 8-11%. After making decision to run with the joint list, the association rating fluctuates within 25%. However, in February it was about 30%. We can ascertain: they have united for the sake of association only. These 25% provide them about 56 places in the parliament according to party lists.

Before the association each political force would win votes necessary for overcoming the 5% barrier on their own and pass into the parliament.

In terms of cynicism oppositional political forces have ceased to differ from the pro-ruling party. Personal ambitions prevail over common sense. The opposition today is a symbiosis of populism and egoism which in sum promotes cynicism in society. There is no specifics in the vision of the future development of Ukraine. It is again not clear at the expense of what and how economic reforms will be conducted.

The opposition skillfully uses real legislative limitation of its possibilities to influence the state decision-making. Sometimes it looks like it waives its political responsibility before voters. Having demonstrated association to citizens, it is possible to concentrate on “selling” places in the list to sponsors. Today, it is the only thing which oppositional politicians are able of doing professionally. Apparently, the people will go another way.


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