Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

On the eve of new parliamentary elections in October of this year the majority of MPs (235 out of 450) have “voluntarily” passed over their constitutional functions – determination of the state budgetary policy and approval of the program of economic and social development of Ukraine – to the President V.Yanukovych.

We can ascertain that usurpation of power by the President and his administration has taken place in Ukraine in defiance of the constitutional powers of the Parliament concerning the adoption and control over the state budget (article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine) and the will of the Ukrainian people. Already now, we can speak about the existence of a super-presidential model in the Ukrainian state where there is no balance between branches of power.

Apart from Parliament’s dissociation from determination of the state budgetary policy, it has strengthened the President, having equated his annual address to the Parliament to the level of Constitution. Now, the program of activity of the Government will be based on annual addresses of the President to the Parliament, instead of decisions of the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers which represent the People of Ukraine.

The greatest irony is confined in the fact that over the last years the address of the President to the Parliament has become only a formality. It has lost its influence, and this year it was even cancelled without any reasonable excuse. It has become a pure farce.

There arises a question – what does Ukraine need the Parliament for, if it has given up even the function of determination and control over the state budgetary policy and approval of programs of economic and social development? What are three branches of power for, if the president is going to resolve any problems in the state completely on his own?

On the other hand, MPs have completely shifted responsibility for the political and economic state in Ukraine to the President. Does he realize this at all?

Opposition reacts to the Parliament’s voluntary giving up of its main functions silently as always. Isn’t this the evidence of oppositionists’ complete professional impropriety?

They again are making a fool of the Ukrainian people, when MPs from the ruling coalition and opposition elected by people refuse to fulfill their basic powers. Maybe, it’s time for Ukraine to introduce new democratic models and practices? What’s left is only to restore dignity and win the power back to the People of Ukraine.



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