Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

After the cancellation of Yalta summit many experts have started to erroneously talk about possible rapprochement of Ukraine and Russia. Absence of results of Ukraine’s President participating in the informal summit of the CIS countries has confirmed this. However, the ignoring of this event could have even worse consequences. Irritated tone of statements of prime-minister M.Azarov during his visit to Brussels has confirmed its failure. The position of Ukraine’s leadership towards Y.Tymoshenko’s case is obviously disadvantageous. Meanwhile, we can only guess which future levers of influence V.Putin has on V.Yanukovych. Today, few can boast by non-fulfillment of arrangements with the president of Russia. Besides, we shouldn’t count on any preferences for our country at all. It is possible to ascertain that doors to Europe have closed down because of Russia.

It has become clear that if the present leadership of Ukraine is preserved, the revision of gas arrangements of 2009 won’t take place. And V.Putin’s position concerning Y.Tymoshenko’s imprisonment voiced earlier and demonstrative unwillingness of the leadership of Ukraine to understand interrelations in this situation will further increase international isolation.

Considering the absence of official reaction of Russia on the visit of the President of Ukraine, a new resolution of the European Parliament promises to be rather rigid and even ultimatum-like. Already now it is clear that Euro-2012 politicizing will find expression in the further ignoring of this event by the European establishment. The Ukrainian authorities constantly highlight the international isolation of the whole Ukraine, using the people as a cover. European politicians more and more focus attention on the individual responsibility of the President of Ukraine. The absence of his desire to make a compromise in the Y.Tymoshenko’s case doesn’t show his adherence to principles and resoluteness at all. Copying of the Russian “strong hand” style isn’t very successful. The Ukrainian society understands this.

The European Parliament should make up its mind what they actually need: either Ukraine with regime loyal to Europe, or partner relations with the Ukrainian people.


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