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The last of the published orders of the prime minister of the Russian Federation V.Putin contains information on inclusion of the acting vice-premier I.Sechin into the list of candidates for elections of board of directors in Rosneftegaz as representatives of the Russian Federation. I.Sechin has already been the head of the company’s board of directors in 2006-2011. At the beginning of April the-then president D.Medvedev gave a governmental order to remove all officials from boards of directors of state companies. If V.Putin continues the policy of his predecessor, it means that I.Sechin won’t be a public curator of the fuel and energy complex of the RF any more.
“Rosneftegaz” was created in 2004. The company owns 75,16% of “Rosneft”, 10,74% of “Gazprom” and 77 gas-distributing organizations. The declared aim of the company is acquisition of strategic oil and gas assets in Russia and participation in investment projects.
Now Russian mass-media specify that I.Sechin has also been supporting the idea of consolidation of “Rosneft”, “Zarubezhneft”, “Transneft”, “Transnefteproduct” and “Surgutneftegaz” on the basis of Rosneftegaz.
In February, I.Sechin supported the offer of N.Komarova, the governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and offered the premiere V.Putin to create a new state company – oil and gas service holding. Then, according to I.Sechin, it would be reasonable to consolidate assets on the basis of “Rosneft” or “Rosneftegaz”. At this point, I.Sechin engaged these companies and “Gazprom” as well to prepare a strategy of development of service blocks, coordinate it with the Ministry of Energy and consider it at the board of directors.
Due to specific relations with D.Medvedev, it is not very probable that I.Sechin will be appointed to his government, although he has been working with V.Putin since 1991. It is also not very probable that I.Sechin will come back as a deputy head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.
Some media are actively disseminating information on I.Sechin’s possible appointment to the post of head of Federal Security Service. The main argument is that precisely he was the initiator of an anticorruption campaign aimed at revealing the conflict of interests among the state companies’ management. Among I.Sechin’s probable successors (at the post of vice-premier) the name of S.Kirienko can be heard more and more often. Media note, – in such a way V.Putin will demonstrate “replacement of state capitalism by liberalism”.

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