Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

The European Union has again proved it’s not indifferent to the development of the political situation in Ukraine having published the open letter addressed to the Ukrainian authorities signed by 5 ministers for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany and Poland in western media. This letter is, probably, the last attempt of the EU to warn the leadership of Ukraine about the beginning of practical real isolation due to the deterioration of the state of democracy.

The address of leaders of the European diplomacy is not only an appeal to the authorities to stop the destruction of Ukraine through pseudo-reforms and a total disorder of all spheres of life, but also an appeal to the Ukrainian people to understand the erroneousness and injustice of the present place of Ukraine in the world and the level of life of its population. It is an attempt to politically wake Ukrainians up, and not attempts of representatives of the EU countries to dictate their vision of the Ukrainian internal policy to Ukraine, as was mentioned by one of the voices of the Party of Regions.

The reason – the policy of the Ukrainian authorities has turned out to be not ready not only to constructive relations with Russia, but also to frank relations with the EU.

A step before the Ukrainian-European political marriage Ukraine-the-bride has run away without explanations by efforts of the administration of V.Yanukovych, having left the European community and Ukrainian citizens in confusion. The authorities have kidnapped Ukraine from the Ukrainian people and aspire to make it their prisoner. However, such illusions of the Ukrainian powers-that-be will end extremely sadly for them. Europe warns about this frankly. After the second yellow card there will inevitably go the red card.

The EU and the USA have stated a consolidated position. A new Russia has to say its word.

It can occur symbolically — during the Euro-2012.

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