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Ukrainians have proved that they are one of the greatest fans of expensive cars in Europe. Official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine which has been made public in the Ukrainian press says that almost 110 thousand cars totaling to over 100 thousand dollars each drive on roads of the state. In addition, 100 thousand of these cars are private. As a whole, Ukraine ranks third in Europe in the number of luxury vehicles, following Germany and Russia.

While the number of hospitals and schools in Ukraine is reducing, poverty and beggary is growing, a narrow group of elite satisfies its own automobile tastes with new models of Bentley (392 cars), Aston Martin (30), Maserati (153) and Maybach (50). Ukrainian owners of expensive cars give their greatest sympathies to German brands – Mercedes-Benz (39,6 thousand cars) and BMW (24,14 thousand cars).

What does this vehicle luxury in Ukraine demonstrate in relations between a political and economic elite and the people?

Isn’t it kind of odd for the Ukrainian authorities, driving in exclusive cars, to ask IMF and other international organizations for credits to overcome poverty?

How will IMF continue to grant tranches to Ukraine after this, if the country is that rich that it is in the lead in Europe in the number of such “trifles” as cars which are more expensive than 100 thousand dollars each?

What correlation is there between the luxury of the elite and Ukraine’s rolling-down to 152-nd place in the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index according to Transparency International?

Does the road of these cars lead to “Tunisia”?


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  1. If Ukraine were to reduce “elite” pensions for just 2,000 officials now getting up to UAH 20,000 a month to UAH 1,000, the country’s budget would recover UAH 38,000,000 PER MONTH…. enough to cover quite a few holes, including in the Pension Fund… But instead, they cut Chornobyl benefits and so on…

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