Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

Ukraine: the Ark for Europe

Ukrainian people today are hostages to political battles between the previous and the present political regimes.

We, Ukrainians, have been familiar with democracy for a long time. In 1710 the Ukrainian Cossacks created a Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk – the first democratic constitution on the European continent.

Ukrainian people treat EU values as a guide to reforms of economy and the modernization of a political system. In case the EU refuses to sign an Association Agreement, he who will suffer won’t be a corrupt bureaucracy which already a long time ago opened accounts in the European banks. A specific citizen who is actually a carrier of these European values will suffer then. We know that every nation deserves the power it has. However, we don’t have a Ukrainian power, it is a Soviet times heritage.

This will also become a signal for other “Eastern Partnership” states. They will cease to perceive the EU as a reliable guideline for their civilizational, political and security development. As a result the EU will lose some of its authority at its Eastern frontiers. This will also deepen an internal crisis of the European Union.

People in Ukraine can get tired of waiting for reciprocity of the EU officials in the process of the European integration.

In Ukraine there is a whole lot of problems which should be noticed when realizing practical steps on the way to the European integration. Tymoshenko’s case shouldn’t be the only demand of the EU leaders to the Ukraine’s authorities – so that it doesn’t become a hypocrisy.

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