Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU

The initiative voiced by the Russian leader primarily suggests that creativity among his team of advisors is running low.

On the other hand it demonstrates that V.Putin is looking towards his legacy and is desperately hunting for projects that could create a place for him in the history books of Russia and Europe.

Unfortunately, the Russian elite perceives Ukraine as a country which formed in 1917 at the time of Lenin’s revolution, instead of seeing it as a sovereign country that had existed for many hundreds years. The idea of a modern integration is a consequence of such thinking.

The Europeans are playing their own part in provoking Russia’s political and economic expansions. Europe today stands openly divided between the interests of its 12 founding member states and the boarder position of its full 27 country membership. Such division says ‘open season’ to the Kremlin, for whom domination is modus operandi.

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