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More and more western billionaires give the most part of their assets in favor of the society. In Ukraine, apart from cases of direct help for treatment, we have no real philanthropy. In charity we can trace an accurate binding to territories, or spheres of their concrete influence. Semi-criminal rules of doing business create the… » read more

During the last German-Polish intergovernmental consultations the parties have discussed the state of affairs in the countries which are the part of the “Eastern Partnership” program. The meeting has testified that the German chancellor A.Merkel and the prime-minister of Poland D.Tusk estimate internal political processes in Ukraine differently. Especially, when it comes to the democratic… » read more

For Whom Europe is Silent?

Ukrainian officials have constantly underlined deep awareness of international observers in subtleties of the Ukrainian electoral legislation. The latter have returned thanks in the same way. A new quantitative record has been set – almost 4 thousand observers observed, ascertained and recognized that elections were democratic. As of 20:00 on October 28 the peak of… » read more

Since 2004 the political establishment in Ukraine has been making maximum efforts to prevent the emergence of the national unifying idea. This process takes place amid the progressing material impoverishment of the majority of the population. Citizens aspire to find the guilty. The current authorities continue to morally and financially destroy a well-to-do and self-sufficient… » read more

In reality, Ukraine-EU relations haven’t meant the achievement of partnership already for a long time. This process is characterized by the emergence of new risks and conditions for contacts. Citizens perceive eurointegration as an alternative to Ukraine’s entering unions where the key role is played by Russia. So far, citizens have no accurate understanding of… » read more

Today the Eastern Partnership initiative ceases to be the prime and obligatory tool of achievement, or understanding of prospects of the EU membership for Ukraine. Unfortunately, the Eastern Partnership has transformed into one of many international meetings which revive only in times of summits of heads of the states-participants. Since 2008 the uniqueness of each… » read more

The Ukrainian opposition has declared it is going to sue the President of Ukraine V.Yanukovych for misappropriation of additional powers. Oppositional politicians have pointed out the start of collecting Ukrainian citizens’ signatures for the lawsuit against the President of Ukraine. In such a way oppositionists have begun an anti-presidential interactive political game with voters. It… » read more

Already since the USSR times the BBC news agency was the guarantor of trustworthy information and almost a truth icon. But time runs “… and this passes off…”. An example of changes is a documentary film in the “Panorama” program concerning widespread racism and anti-Semitism in the countries-organizers of the Euro-2012. BBC has created accents… » read more