Victor Tkachuk on Democracy, Ukraine & the EU


Viktor Tkachuk until 2008 was public official of the 1st rank in Ukraine. Before creation The Ukrainian Foundation for Democracy “People First” he was the Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. He has served as an advisor to all three Presidents of Ukraine, Member of Parliament – Verkhovna Rada in 1998-2002, was the Head of Ukrainian State Innovation Company.

He has seen first hand the strengths and weaknesses of the Ukrainian democratic system. As a senior civil servant and a democrat he recognises that Ukraine cannot continue down the current path if it is to play any serious role in the region, in Europe and in the world. “I want us and our next generations to grow up in a State they can be proud of, the all around the world respected state the citizens of which are not forced to defend their national dignity before their government or opposition. This means that we have to return to the core principles of democracy that were outlined in our declaration of Independence in 1990 where the will of the people is the sole source of state authority.

Viktor is a graduate of National University Lviv Politechnica. He received PhD in Political Science in 2006. Viktor has worked with many international organizations through out Europe and Russia. He recognizes that Ukraine will never reach the standards of Western Europe until politicians are accountable to their electorate, work in the national interest and the primacy of law is re-established.

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